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Violin Technique: Fast Playing

My teacher, Sergei Gorbenko (from the Russian violin school) always had a quite simple solution to most problems with fast passages: Schradick. It is like his antidote for all dexterity problems. I always though that sounded very simplistic. BUT IT WORKS.

Schradick exercises, practiced properly, work in many diferent levels. It can train the hand muscles for akward passages, increase accuracy of intonation, promote dexterity, and even bow control under difficult left hand difficulties.

I also have a very effective way to get warmed-up quickly and get my fingers in shape for fast violin virtuoso passages(for me, at least). I play a series of trills with all fingers in all possible finger patterns, with increasing speed on all strings. I do this at least in first, second, and third position. It will take you a few minutes and may be boring, but at the end, you will be ready to face those dreaded passages.
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#1 muscle memory 2010-05-29 14:42
Hi Mr. Murillo,
I couldn't agree more with this! Schradieck is excellent! Here is a quote from Peter Slowik that I give my students to further inspire them to practice their Schradieck:
"Researchers tell us that the fingers of an accomplished musician perform certain patterns with a rapidity not possible by concious control of each finger, but rather that these patterns are stored in the brain as a group of impulses. Furthermore, they suggest that these motions are ballistic in nature, that they are "fired" at a predetermined trajectory and cannot be altered en route."


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