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Practice Tips from the "Suzuki Pro-Parents"

Dig into some practice tips from other experienced parents of music students like yours. These are ways they have found that help during the "dreaded practice time" each day.

Time management

  • Practice in the a.m. - maybe 10 min.
  • Pick a practice time, make it the same each day
  • Make practice part of daily routine (including homework)
  • Set time to practice every day
  • Use kitchen timer (10 minutes ... break)
  • Be flexible with practice times

Remove distractions

  • Turn off the TV
  • Practice space (varied vs. consistent)


  • Promise something after practice (TV, Cartoons, Playstation Games)
  • Offer small rewards after reaching a goal or goal minutes
    (i.e. Mississippi and get ice cream)
  • Balance a chocolate "kiss" on violin (child eats upon successful practice)
  • Add stickers to charts or food charts for a good practice
  • Bribery! (pennies)
  • Reward method (bean jar/full or empty)

Praise the child

  • Gather family members for a "concert"
  • Call a radio station to play
  • Show off night
  • Playing for friends

Child "in-charge"

  • Let child "teach" the parent/sibling/friend about the violin
  • Let child pick order of practice components
  • Compete with siblings
  • Let them choose practice time (earlier the better, treat like homework)

Make it fun

  • Let them have fun being creative
  • Free play before practice session (warm up)
  • Practice-activated T-shirt (no chores during while worn)
  • Playing in different environments (i.e. outdoors, park, backyard)
  • Turn practice session into game



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