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Effective and Simple Suzuki Review Technique

BucketThe problem with review is NOT that students don't want to do it. It is that it's difficult to do it consistently throughout the Suzuki repertoire. 

"Bucket" Review Technique:

Write all the pieces' names on separate pieces of paper (or better yet, ping-pong balls), put them in a "bucket". Everyday, have your violinist draw a few pieces of paper (or ping-pong balls) one at a time, reviewing each one, then, put the ones played in a second bucket. 

When you're through, change buckets and go through them again. When your child learns a new piece, add a new paper or ball with its name to the bucket. You can also include all of the pieces in the current book, and have your child LISTEN to it when it comes in the drawing. 

This is the easiest way to "hit" all of the pieces before the "favorites" get played more, letting the others get relegated.

Happy practicing!

Rigo Murillo

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