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The Talent Gazette - Studio Newsletter

The Talent Gazette - Suzuki Talent Education Newsletter - Suzuki Violin Lessons - Dallas, TX

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Sources of Violins in the Dallas/Plano/Richardson Area

By Rigo Murillo

General Advise About Choosing a Violin:

Young students' sizes should be determined by the individual teacher. If you are shopping for a violin for a Suzuki student, my personal recommendation is to ALWAYS check with your teacher before you head out shopping for an instrument. Make sure the dealer will let you take it to the teacher for approval as conditional to continue your commitment to rent or buy. Show the violin to your child's teacher to check on size and playability. Since violin makers don't have a "standard" set of fractional sizes, there can be a 1/8 violin that is the same size, or even smaller than a 1/10 of another maker. You want your child to have the most ease of playing and a pleasant learning experience.

For the older student, the best option is to take time visiting the shops personally and try several instruments. The shop owners know it's a crucial decision for the student and parent to get a good fit. They will let you try several models and price ranges, and usually explain the instrument's origin, construction, and possible usability. The violins should be easy to play, have a well-round sound (they have different character), pleasant to the ear.

It may take more than one visit to a shop to come up with a satisfactory decision. Though all these shops carry good quality instruments, it will take some shopping around to get the best fit for the student.

Rigo Murillo, Suzuki Strings Specialist


Here is a list of the local violin/string shops in the Dallas/Plano/Richardson area that I personally know to have good quality instruments:

Luthier Violin Shop

2201 Moseley Road

Cross Roads, TX 76227-8017

(940) 365-2309


Google map and directions

This is the place I have been going for the last 9 years to have work on my violins. Stephen Cundall is a master violin maker and also works on repairs. He carries very good, professional-line instrument at reasonable prices. Highly honest and great reputation. Rentals are also available.

Rury Violin Shop

1251 S. Sherman St., Suite 105

Richardson, TX 75081

(469) 330-9998


Google map and directions

Jay Rury has been serving the Dallas are for quite some time. They have provided service and instruments for our school's student families and many of the Dallas Symphony musicians. They now carry an array of good instruments in a wide price range. Very friendly and punctual work.

Kelin Violin Shop

3198 W Parker Rd # 3170C

Plano, TX 75075-1800

(972) 964-8666 ‎


Google map and directions

I have recently met Kelin Zhang, the owner and violin maker of the shop. He makes high-end violins and has a variety of student instruments as well. Several of my young students rent or own instruments from this shop. They have a renting program, as well.

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Star Wars Theme for Violin - "Silly" version

Here is my "silly" version of the Star Wars theme with background music... I hope I don't look too scary for you...

This is just for kicks and to laugh at myself. You're invited. LOL!

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May Concert Practice

Hello, dear Suzuki violin students and parents!

It is with pleasure that I announce that I have a great set of tools here to practice our repertoire for the concert on May 15. Please make sure you prepare all the repertoire and use these videos and sheet music files to get ready.

Each student is playing all the POLISHED pieces he/she knows from this list. There are also two special Romanian Pieces we will all play. I have included sheet music and videos of those. Make sure you know what your part is. Generally, everybody in Violin book 1 will play the "Junior" part, while those in mid-book 2 and above will play 2nd violin parts.

Concert Repertoire:

Important Note:

Please make sure you register and login to TalentEducation.org in order to have access to the practice video Section. It's free and there is no spam!

Happy Practicing!

Rigo Murillo, Suzuki Strings Specialist

TalentEducation.org Editor

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February Suzuki Outreach Concert - February 19

Hi Suzuki families,

Here is a message I got from Phoebe about our next outreach concert. I know that we all got a late notice, but if anyone would like to participate, please let me know and sign up with Emily at 972-437-6422 to get on the performing list. We will work on your polished piece to be performed at your lesson. It's this coming Saturday at 12:45.

The outreach concert details are attached below.

Also, If you are participating in the next home concert (same day, at 6:00 PM), make sure you check on Mr. Bret's door for rehearsal time on Tuesday.

Happy practicing!

Artistically, Rigo Murillo, SMID Suzuki Strings Specialist

Begin forwarded message:

From: Phoebe Hemingway
Subject: Outreach concert

Hi everybody,

I've finally gotten us a place for our February Outreach concert.  It's the same afternoon as the Home Concert.  I know it's incredibly last minute, but thought I'd let you know so you can tell your students about it.  We'll keep the sign-up sheet out there through Wednesday (it went out this last Tuesday).  People can also call and have Emily "sign up" for them.
Here's the info:

Retirement home called Sunrise at Hillcrest
13001 Hillcrest Road
Dallas, TX 75240

Date:  Saturday, February 19th
Time:  1:00pm (arrive between 12:30-12:45)

All instruments welcome!  

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