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Contact Us - You're welcome to visit for a Suzuki violin lesson observation!
Rigo Murillo
Suzuki Strings Specialist - Love Nurtured Music Program

Love Nurtured Music Program
11882 Greenville Avenue
Suite B103
Dallas, TX 75243

(214) 269-8545

Studio: 214-269-8545

Mobile: 214-269-8545

If you want to get your child started in a dynamic Suzuki violin program and would like to visit our studio, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Perhaps you would like more information on our Suzuki music program for your child, or want to know more about tuition and lesson availability. I will gladly answer any questions regarding how the program works.

I would be delighted to arrange a time to visit with you and your child and take you on a tour of our school facilities (no commitment required). Please call me to my mobile number or drop me a few lines below.


Rigo Murillo
Suzuki Strings Specialist - Love Nurtured Music Program
Mobile: 214-269-8545

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