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How does the Suzuki Method differ from other methods?

How does Talent Education differ from other methods of teaching music to children?

Though music teachers have often used some of the elements of the Suzuki talent education method, Dr. Suzuki formulated them in a cohesive approach to teaching music to children.

Some basic differences are:

  • Suzuki teachers believe that musical ability can be developed in all children.
  • Students begin at young ages.
  • Parents play an active role in the learning process.
  • Children become comfortable with the instrument before learning to read music.
  • Technique is taught in the context of pieces rather than through dry technical exercises.
  • Pieces are refined through constant review.
  • Students perform frequently, individually and in groups.

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The Suzuki Triangle:

The teacher is responsible for:

Training the parent to be an effective assistant for the child.
Teaching the child how to play with beautiful tone, technique and interpretation.

Parent is responsible for being the child's assistant and helping with daily practice which includes:

  • Creating the proper environment so the child will have a successful learning experience
  • Playing the recordings as requested by the teacher
  • Assisting the child with memorizing a piece as needed
  • Teaching fingerings as requested by the teacher
  • Helping the child become their own teacher by always asking, “How did you do?”

Child is responsible for being a child which means:

The child will learn from whatever is put in his environment. Most children enjoy learning music by ear if given the opportunity and proper surroundings. Gradually children learn to assume responsibility for their work as they mature, but it takes time and cannot be rushed. Children become responsible, cooperative, and disciplined, not because parents tell them they should, but rather because they see their parents behaving this way and follow their example.

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